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Monday, January 16, 2017

Under the Bus


Hey, now... Here's a leftover news item, a digital turkey leg if you will, that might interest you. It certainly interests me.

This is a link  to a December 29, 2016 article, which explains nicely the horrific wrongdoing of Defendant Joyce deJong. It tells how a city government and a county medical examiner in northern Michigan settled out of court with David Ferris II - much to the local tax base's chagrin.

Plaintiff Ferris is just a little bit put out by deJong's dishonest testimony in his case - work so slipshod that its very existence was enough for the prosecutor to drop all charges. False witness was borne against this man, the label of Baby Killer affixed to his name, his reputation.

This caused him to be deprived of his liberty for 97 days. It got him (and his wife) placed on the Michigan Child Abuse Registry. It forced him to endure death threats, which made him pack up his things and leave town.

His wife, in the midst of grieving the loss of her child, also became a target for some of the most vulgar online abuse imaginable. That is perhaps the most disturbing tangent to the Ferris story, the howling, ignorant masses with their cyber pitchforks and LED torches, purveyed by the web's most cynical (and click-craving) masters. I'd link you to one of them, so you could dip your toes in the raw sewage... But you'd no doubt get a virus.

They settled for cheap, the Cadillac cops ($190,000) and the Wexford County ME ($60k), they really did. And they left deJong out in the cold. For her, after what she did, there should be no settlement. Her punishment should be greater than her tolerance for such. Why?

Because she violates, routinely, the very oath of Hippocrates: "First, Do No Harm." She's been doing it for the bulk of her career, an uncaring maniac wielding a scalpel.

In principle, what she did to Dave Ferris is the same thing she did to my family, other families. She takes something unimaginably horrible, plays with it in her clammy little hands, and fictitiously turns it into something even worse - for the record.

For these egregious, serial violations of the public trust, Joyce deJong ought to be in jail. She sure as Hell doesn't deserve to keep a professional license of any kind.

Nobody I know disagrees: This has to be stopped. She has to be stopped. Now.

And just like it went down up North, it doesn't just reflect poorly on WMed, and on Kalamazoo County, the fact that they both continue to employ this monstrosity...

It also makes them complicit.

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