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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Post-Script Redux Part II, Jr.


There's not a hell of a lot left to say about KDPS Case No. 15-010549. It's more or less time for Uncle Paul to get out of the way now, and let the courts take over... Since money and secrecy are the only things the bad guys care about, those are the things we shall seek to deprive them of.

My work is done anyway. I've made sure this blog will keep flying on its own, ripe with keywords and powered by truth and love. The search engines have it now, and anyone looking for WMed, Joyce deJong or even Kalamazoo County will inherently run into the ghost of young Dennis Charles Wolf along the way.

The loathesome toads I've surfaced, like Joyce the Butcher and Tom Rabbits and Lyin' Jo and Kai Crony, they're stuck in a long shadow for the balance of their careers. I can't help them. They can't help themselves.

Obviously, this is the story of Charlie Wolf, a delightful and innocent boy, but I'd like to dedicate it to another Charlie... My father, Charlie Heller. This one's for you. For teaching me The Lesson of the Football and every other important thing I know.

Just tried to do like you said, Dad, all those years ago in the front yard:

Big swing, now. That's the ticket!

Paul F. Heller. August 2, 2016