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Friday, November 25, 2016

Updates, For Those of You Who Must Have Them


Happy Black Friday... Officially the first night in a long while in which turkeys in America will get some real sleep.

There are only a couple-three minor things to tell you about. The wheels turn slowly, and none of us are going anywhere.

The best news is that former Kalamazoo County Commissioner John Taylor lost his bid to unseat longtime County Clerk Timmy Snow.

I personally asked a number of people to vote against Taylor. I stuck a Tim Snow sign out on the corner of my sister's yard, about 60 feet away from the spot where Charlie died. I tweeted rude (but truthful) things about Taylor regularly...

And in the only Blue county in southwest Michigan, Democrat Taylor lost by a few hundred votes. I'm taking partial credit; get a job, John.

Taylor, of course, was the one who ignored our plaintive bleats for help in the matter of my nephew's tragic accidental death, which County ME Joyce "Hacksaw" deJong and her mindless henchmen have falsely (maliciously?) labeled a suicide.

A half-point to their side, though, with regard to the retrial of Leo Ackley in Battle Creek. What did anybody expect? It took place in the same venue as before, preceded by headlines akin to 'Baby Killer Gets New Trial'.

The same pathologist who discredited deJong's work in the David Ferris case (which now has her embroiled as a defendant in civil court) testified for the defense. There really is no process or means by which this County Death Queen's rulings can be reversed, so obtaining a second opinion is about the only thing you can do around here... And in Ackley's case, sound expert testimony seems to have escaped the purview of the jury's blinders.

So, winter sets in. A blanket of snow will cover our lawn and Charlie's resting place. The matter will not rest, but hibernate like a bear, content to slumber and wait while the pages of the calendar turn slowly, like the wheels.

pH 11.25.16