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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pass Go (Do Not Collect $2oo)


Charlie's birthday is coming up, and the fraudulent stain of failure and waste still clings to him and to those who loved him.

The County (well, Regional) Medical Examiner, Dr. Joyce deJong, called his accidental hanging death a suicide, based not on the facts, but on reasons that were completely fabricated in her own brain. We have meticulously documented her deliberate mendacity in our case, and her willful ignorance of the First Rule of Holes - all while demonstrating that this something she has been doing for her entire career.

Because of her own hurtful obstinance, this action between a place called Kalamazoo and its own damned citizens has gone on longer than the Korean War. That should be a career disqualifier for public employment. Nobody who acts like that deserves to serve the public in any manner - she's not fit to pick up dog poop in our County parks.

I proved that.

Y'know what, it's going to be easier to start at the beginning... Go down this rabbit hole I found. I dare you.

pH 5.19.17

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