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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chapter Twenty Two - The Cult


So far, everyone that has been exposed in this story of my nephew's tragic passing has basically been a little creep. Tom Zavitz... For crying out loud, his eyeballs aren't even able to focus in the same direction. Lyin'Jo Catania, one person told me she looks like a 15-year old boy in the video I posted. Joyce deJong: Just look at her WMed photo... Creepy. Kai Cronin? He gives creeps the creeps.

The Dean of WMed, though, is not a little creep at all. His name is Hal Jenson. He's actually quite a big creep. And an impolite one at that.

All my sister did was send Hal an email asking where would be the appropriate place to send a process server with our lawsuit; that's all she asked. And Hal brusquely replied that it was the same person to whom he had sent us before with our inquiries, Zavitz, who has already proven himself to be difficult, to say the least.

For WMed, this was a massive missive, a veritable volcanic eruption of effusiveness. When my brother, a U.S. Army veteran and WMU graduate, emailed Jenson asking simple questions about this case, he was completely ignored - a far more typical response.

You'd think that, for the $400,000 a year that WMed pays him, the Dean of a private medical school would take the time to reply to his correspondence. But that sort of rudeness is in keeping with what we know about WMed... And the Mormons.


Now, it is strictly my assumption that Jenson is a member of the LDS "Church". I only assume that because he hails from Utah and got his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from a parochial school (Brigham Young). And because of WMed's crystallized insistence on the patently unbelievable.

If he's not a Mormon, he should speak up and say so, because I would immediately retract that statement were it not true. Bear in mind, too, that I would never stoop so low as to disparage anybody's religion - that's not me. However, I have no problem disparaging someone's cult.

For the intellectual purpose of comparing and contrasting, I'm just going to give you an example of my religion as opposed to what passes for Hal's.

I am a Catholic. My religion goes back about two thousand years, to the Holy Land, to a guy named Jesus Christ. It's in our book, called The Bible, a best-seller.

Mormonism goes back about 180 years, founded by a guy named Joe Smith in Syracuse, who told everyone he found a golden book (that he called The Book of Mormon) under a tree. Nobody else has ever seen it, but it apparently allowed for polygamy and other detestable practices.

So let's throw all of that on the scales: Catholicism, 2,000 years, Jesus Christ, the Holy Land, the Bible... Mormonism, 180 years, Joe Smith, Syracuse, golden book that no one ever saw. Hmmm.

Anyway, my church's founder was killed by the Roman Empire in Judea for the things He said that upset the locals. Their top banana was killed in his jail cell by the good people of Nauvoo, Illinois, after he and his lawless mob attacked the town newspaper, where they attempted to destroy the very printing press that had been used to disseminate bad things about him and his undesirable adherents.

The rest is history. After a healthy pogrom, the tattered remains of Smith's cult were chased out of the Midwest, wound up in a great big empty place called Utah, and took up residence there.


Today they are a global proselytizing outfit, an indoctrination machine that operates from the Boy Scouts on up. Like other cults, they send out their brainwashed minions to try and sell their twisted take on God to anyone who won't slam the door in their faces.

They are far pushier than other door-to-door spiritual salesmen. But don't get a flat tire in front of one of their opulent shrines, or you'll be so quickly surrounded by men in cheap dress shirts and neckties, you'll think you'd broken down in front of a used-car dealership. They don't like outsiders, you see.

But here in Michigan, Hal Jenson is the interloper. Other than his eye-popping salary, I can't think of any reason for him being here. I reckon he finds it to be an alien place, what with all the trees, the bodies of water, the damn weather, perhaps the heavy presence of minority populations like we have, at least compared to Utah (Mormons have accepted African-Americans in their temples as priests since the year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Eight).

All of that said, there is another aspect to Mormonism that is worth noting. The cult demands a 10 per cent tithe from its members. So if he's a devout Mormon - and I've yet to meet one that isn't - he's kicking back forty thousand bucks a year to Salt Lake City, assuming they pare their end off the Select side of the calf.

That's about the average annual household income in Kalamazoo, by the way. Hal Jenson, for all the milk he drinks and all the cheddar he makes, has never been the Dean of anything before. All of his previous experience was in administration. How proud must his cult be.

He's also an M.D., but he seems to prefer using his MBA (UT-Austin) to earn a rather good living. The point is, he almost certainly gets paid with taxpayer dollars. WMed is part of WMU, a state university. Millions of dollars come in from Michigan State University to help fund Hal's school, and of course all those counties have to pay for their autopsies, hundreds of thousands of dollars per county per year.

So taxes are culled from citizens in two different states, and are - through Hal's swollen compensation package - funneled indirectly (or not so) to the LDS "Church" as part of their tithing ring.

For the love of God, my family has all but begged on bended knees for the fictitious determination of suicide in my nephew's case to be corrected. Clearly there are still obstacles in the way that must be torn down.

pH 6.12.16



  1. Just discovered your blog. Sorry about your nephew. As an FYI, the medical school isn't part of WMU, it's a private school and doesn't take taxpayer dollars. My wife worked there a couple years ago and just told me the medical examiner office is not part of the medical school, and that office works for the counties, the law determines what autopsies they do. The med school doesn't get any of the money tho. Just thought I'd help you get the facts straight. Sorry for you and your sister. Must be hard to lose someone like that. Best of luck.


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