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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pick Six

We've Got Mail!

In the old days, the Inbox was always empty, because readers had the good sense to understand that I would take their emails and make great sport of them online.

I'm not going to do that this time. I'm just going to share, that's all, the disturbing thing that was sent to me last night at 9:14 pm by Tom Zavitz, Compliance Officer and Dean of Finance at Homer H. Stryker School of Medicine.



I know he doesn't have a lot of readership, but Joyce and my name are laced throughout the blogs the past several days. This is out on the web, and we've both been highly disparaged.

Will you consider some type of legal notice or action at some point? I really don't appreciate this out in the public sphere......



No, I'm sure he doesn't.

Tom was trying to get that email to go to Hal Jenson, I suppose. That's the Dean at WMed. But Tom's not that bright, so he sent it to me instead. Do you see what we are dealing with here?

My sister's little boy, who I was raising like a son, died in our front yard. My sister and her childhood friend gave him CPR, to no avail. Every cop in the city was here trying desperately to bring him back to life. He was left laying in the dirt for almost three hours.

Then these vultures come along, lie about the circumstances, steal his body and mutilate it. Then they ignore our pleas to change it for nine months...

And then a push for legal action to be taken against me for writing about it. That's how they want to treat a family who has been in this town, and tied to WMU, for over 50 years.

Tom Zavitz's email address is

pH 4.28.16

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  1. I know of a reporter at Woodtv who will be interested in this! I will reach out to him.


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